EQ Map®

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions as a source of energy, information, creativity, trust and connection. It's the resilience to perform under pressure, the trust to build fruitful relationships, the courage to make decisions, and the vision to create the future. Essi Systems' EQ Map was developed to help you assess, practice and master these skills.

EQ Map is an extensively researched, norm-tested, and statistically reliable tool that measures emotional intelligence in an adult workplace population. Unlike a test, EQ Map is a multidimensional assessment that helps you discover the many facets that make up your personal emotional intelligence and its relationship to your performance, creativity and success. It is self-administered, confidential, and easy to use and understand.

EQ Map includes the EQ Map Questionnaire that assesses your emotional intelligence; the EQ Map Scoring Grid that visually maps your personal profile so you can see your strengths and vulnerabilities; and the EQ Map Interpretation Guide that provides details and recommendations for changing your performance.

EQ Map Features

  • Scientifically tested - accurately measures all major dimensions of emotional intelligence
  • Automated - scores and analyzes your results immediately
  • Visual - maps your personal profile
  • Easily accessible - permanently archives your results for easy access
  • Comprehensive - features printable questionnaire with answers, scoring grid and interpretation guide

An example of an EQ Map:

EQ Map Logo EQ Map Example

EQ Map Benefits

  • Fast and convenient - takes 15 minutes or less to complete online
  • Proven - helps you learn skills to be more effective and productive
  • Easy to use - self-administered, confidential and easy to use
  • Reusable - use again to assess improvement over time
  • Provides plans for every scale to enhance overall performance

Essi Systems’ Three Driving Forces of Competitive Advantage

Emotional Intelligence in business is vital to success. Research has shown EQ to build the capacity of an organization to attract and retain the best talent, and keep their workforce engaged and producing. Creating initiative for innovation and creativity and earning client and employee loyalty build character and keep a company squarely focused on growth and the future.

The Three Driving Forces of Competitive Advantage are fully measurable using EQ Map®. Plot your performance in these three areas for a comprehensive individual and team snapshot directly portraying your strengths and vulnerabilities for success.

EQ Map Example

Increasing Effectiveness Under Pressure

Seven scales in EQ Map assess the capacity to manage your emotional stamina, mental agility and ability to regulate energy and attention, even under pressure. Those who score in Optimal on these measures are able to high levels of effectiveness in performance and approach challenges with vitality and vigor.

Building Trusting Relationships

Building trust is the foundation of all relationships. The capacity to say what you mean and mean what you say creates credibility that strengthens the bonds of good business. EQ Map measures your trust radius – your power to establish and expand trust with others and allow the creative discord that results in sound, effective solutions

Creating the Future

Creating the Future measures your ability to think beyond the conventional, serving others in your life with truly creative results. This circle capitalizes on your unique potential - your core talents and strengths - and your ability to recognize and help activate the unique potential of others.

Martin Lowery is certified by Essi Systems to facilitate individual and group debriefs of the EQ Map. This instrument can be used as a reference tool as a part of a larger organization development initiative or as a stand alone experience in the highly interactive and engaging "Mapping Emotional Intelligence" workshop.