Professional Meeting Facilitation

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Engaging heads and hearts to ensure all perspectives find voice; enabling results-driven meetings around the world.

There are many benefits to having an independent professional facilitator of your meetings. Senior executives frequently have to split their energy and attention between running a meeting, covering an agenda in a limited time frame, managing participant input and contributing their own ideas and perspectives. Having an external professional facilitator enables the meeting chairperson to focus entirely on what is being said, interjecting their perspective and, if need be, casting a deciding vote. Our role will be to ensure your objectives are met and that the full collective intelligence and life experience of all participants is engaged to elevate group decision-making. Using lessons from cognitive science and a variety of tools and techniques to measure consensus you will be able to focus on your business outcomes while we help orchestrate your talented participants.

We are here to provide you professional facilitation services for:

  • Company Meetings
  • Association Meetings
  • Conventions
  • Conferences
  • Marketing Meetings
  • Sales Meetings
  • Customer Insights
  • Focus Group Meetings
  • Vision/Mission/Values Workshops
  • Branding Workshops
  • Executive Retreats
  • Offsite Meetings
  • Year-End Review Meetings
  • Strategy Meetings
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Teambuilding Sessions
  • Incentive Trip Facilitation
  • Client Education
  • Appreciation Event Facilitation
  • Postmortem/Reflections Meetings
  • Design Thinking Sessions