Keynotes & Workshops

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Engaging, educating and entertaining audiences around the world

We pride ourselves on customizing presentations and keynotes to specific group needs and the nature of your organizational focus. We are happy to discuss your unique situation and to work up a proposal for a customized keynote or workshop experience. We are focused on delivering a coherent body of information that has relevance and impact for your group into an entertaining and thought-provoking presentation.

Areas of expertise and possible keynote or workshop subject matter include but are not limited to:

  • Engaging Your Team and Customers with Effective Story Telling
  • The Art and Science of Story Telling in Business
  • Meeting of the Minds – Leveraging Cognitive Science to Communicate More Effectively
  • Power, Authority & Embracing your Full Potential
  • The Art & Science of Creativity & Creative Problem Solving
  • Empowering Your Life & Work Through Questioning and Reflection
  • Workshop in Effective Questioning – A Leader’s Most Powerful Tool
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership – Managing Heads and Leading Hearts
  • EQ - Your Key to Better Relationships
  • Crafting Experiences to Enrich Your Personal and Professional Lives
  • Stress Management and Mindful Living
  • Keys to Building High Performance Teams
  • Leveraging Brain Science to Connect & Engage Your Customers
  • Optimizing Your Brain – A Practical Guide to Life Management
  • The Socio Biology in the Modern Workplace – Understanding the Keys to Optimal Teamwork
  • Visualization, Focus and the Power of the Subconscious Mind
  • Guided Group Visualization & Meditations (customized for your organization)