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Martin Lowery

Our Name

OpusVertex International LLC

OpusVertex is a compound word comprising the words "opus" and "vertex".

Opus is an important creative work; in our name, it is a nod to understanding and applying the power of emotion and heart towards a desired outcome.

Vertex is Latin for top, highest point or apex, as in ascension to a peak. Also, in graph theory, a vertex is base or node from which one starts in order to solve a problem. This a nod to engaging science and cerebral processes in moving towards a solution.

International - While based in Palm Springs, California, we work with groups around the world.

Our Logo

Our logo offers the silhouette of a mountain emerging from our name; the 5 colored dots drive to the vertex or top and are reflective of the colors used in a variety of psychometrics; in particular Emergenetics where:

  • Purple represents Expressiveness, Assertiveness and Flexibility

    the other colors represent the 4 thinking and communicating preferences:

  • Blue for Analytical
  • Green for Structural
  • Red for Social
  • Yellow for Conceptual

In combination, the dots connote ascending to peak performance by engaging the combined power of all our diverse cognitive preferences and perspectives.