Great Solutions, Great Healthcare

At OpusVi™ (Latin for Workforce), we partner with healthcare organizations to build transformative workforce solutions. We have developed a workforce development platform that enables healthcare systems and organizations to upskill and retain top talents.

Dedicated to providing the best client experience, we have designed custom online and hybrid programs and workforce development solutions that improve and positively impact talent retention as much as patient health and quality of care.

We remain leaders in the healthcare education space by creating scalable, cutting-edge solutions through innovative technologies, clinical expertise, and evidence-based training alongside the industry’s top subject matter experts and academic institutions.


The demand for healthcare is greater than the supply.


We’re on a mission to expand and elevate the care workforce alongside our healthcare partners.


We believe the only way to affect change in healthcare is to provide access at scale. That’s why we partner with healthcare organizations to provide high-quality solutions that can expand and elevate their workforce and improve patient care.


Partnering with healthcare to build transformative workforce solutions.

Get to Know Some of OpusVi's Industry Experts

These and more experts help to inform our learning content prior to program development and share their insights throughout the curriculum.

Leveraging the Best in Academia

We want our learners to graduate with degrees and certificates from universities they can be proud of and earn continuing education credits from accredited, highly-ranked institutions that care about their success.

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We have a wide range of programs from leading universities run by industry experts

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Impact-Driven Learning

‘Impact’ is not just a buzzword for us. We design learning experiences that are loved and affect positive change in our learners' lives and, in turn, impact their organizations. Our self-paced learning experiences are guided by expert instructors with industry knowledge and mastery of the content who lead discussions and give you personalized feedback. To ensure interaction and engagement with your facilitator, we limit the number of learners in each cohort, and we add new experts to facilitate knowledge exchange constantly.


Our Writers

Our commitment to industry expertise extends beyond our programs. We want to provide our learners with useful insights and learning resources. That's why we work with researchers, learning science experts, nurses and other industry professionals to help educate, inform and promote discussion of various topics related to healthcare.