Healthcare Project Management

Improve Operational Efficiency and Quality of Care of Your Organization

It’s estimated that up to 80% of healthcare projects fail. Not identifying a project as such, and leaving project management responsibility to project managers alone, is one of the root causes of these failures — regardless of their role, many healthcare professionals manage various projects on a daily basis: From handling documentation and billings to implementing changes to IT systems.

Equipping all healthcare professionals with skills to effectively manage their tasks and optimize processes can improve patient care, cut costs associated with project failures, and increase job satisfaction by giving employees more agency.

Together with American University, OpusVi co-developed the Certificate in Healthcare Project Management to empower any healthcare professional to drive changes in their unit, department, and organization in a rapidly changing industry.


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Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

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Gain Technical and Management Skills to Initiate Healthcare Projects

Our Certificate in Healthcare Project Management will enable learners to understand the essentials of project management and their application specifically to the healthcare industry. The certificate introduces high-level project management concepts as outlined by the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). This includes stakeholders, risk and resource management, and vital leadership skills for healthcare project success. Learners will analyze strategies for successful communication, decompose the healthcare project scope, and learn how influencing organizational change plays into project success.

Benefits to the Organization

Empower your workforce with practical tools developed with healthcare leaders

Empower your workforce with practical tools developed with healthcare leaders

Improve patient care, satisfaction, safety, and reduce medical errors

Improve patient care, satisfaction, safety, and reduce medical errors

Decrease the costs associated with failed projects with high-quality workforce training

Decrease the costs associated with failed projects with high-quality workforce training

Increase healthcare projects success rates

Increase healthcare projects success rates

  • Introduction to Healthcare Projects
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Stakeholder Management
  • Project Communication Management
  • Project Time Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Resources Management
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Unit 1: Projects and People in Healthcare Organizations
  • Unit 2: Project Scope and Quality Management
  • Unit 3: Project Stakeholder Management and Communications Management
  • Unit 4: Project Time and Cost Management
  • Unit 5: Project Resources Management and Organizational Change Management
  • Unit 6: Project Procurement and Risk Management
  • Unit 7: Project Integration Management and Project Execution Monitoring
  • Unit 8: Project Controls and Project Closing
  • Identify the tools and techniques best suited for project planning, including scope, time, cost, resource planning, monitoring, and reporting
  • Recognize warning signs of project issues common to a variety of healthcare settings
  • Describe the leadership skills vital to thrive as a successful project manager in healthcare
  • Analyze and develop strategies for successfully communicating with healthcare project stakeholders
  • Develop strategies for managing risks and changes specific to projects in healthcare settings
  • Decompose healthcare project scope into manageable work packages
  • Appreciate the nuances of managing projects in healthcare
  • Appreciate the role that influencing organizational change plays in healthcare project success and identify tools to support change

The United States spends more on healthcare than any other country. In 2021, U.S. annual health expenditures increased to 4.2 trillion dollars; the spending is expected to grow. As the healthcare industry transforms with technological advances, new regulations, and greater scrutiny from the government, insurance companies, and patients, a project management skillset becomes a necessity for all healthcare workers.

The Certificate in Healthcare Project Management was developed for clinical and non-clinical professionals in healthcare organizations; it is specifically targeted toward the healthcare industry. Regardless of the level of experience in healthcare or project management, this program will provide students with the formal tools, techniques, and processes followed by the most experienced project managers in healthcare today. 

What Are Some Examples of Healthcare Projects?

  • Initiatives undertaken to improve patient care and operational efficiency at a medical facility
  • Implementing a new electronic health records system
  • Reducing patient no-show rates
  • Implementing compliance and patient safety initiatives, e.g. a new fall risk assessment
  • Risk project management to prevent medical errors and joint commissions infractions
  • Implementation of information systems for hospital operations, e.g. converting a legacy system into a new standardized one
  • Creating protocol during COVID spikes or flu season to make sure that staff and patients are safe
  • Implementing self-care online sessions for healthcare staff

About American University

Founded in 1893, American University is a student-centered research institution located in Washington, D.C., with highly-ranked schools and colleges, internationally-renowned faculty, and a reputation for creating meaningful change in the world. Their students distinguish themselves for their service, leadership, and ability to rethink global and domestic challenges and opportunities. At AU, passion becomes action; students actively engage in the world around them, and the leaders of today train the leaders of tomorrow.

American University’s Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (OGPS) delivers actionable knowledge and real-world skills to learners at every stage of their educational and career journey. Their comprehensive, experiential approach provides customized opportunities that advance their students’ lives and communities. Leveraging the unique attributes of Washington, D.C., they shape the workforce of tomorrow through innovative teaching, rigorously applied scholarship, creative partnerships, and practical work experience. 

American University is consistently ranked among the top U.S. News & World Report 30 most innovative schools; it was ranked as having the #1 Politically Active Students by Princeton Review in 2021 and was ranked the #9 Best Online College for Value by Guide to Online Schools 2020. 

Exceptional Learning Experience

Our Content

  • Dynamic, engaging video content
  • Interactive lessons with practical, hands-on exercises
  • Collaborative discussions
  • Job aids and takeaways for continuous reference
  • Networking opportunities

Brendan Davin

Brendan Davin

VP, Corporate Governance at Morrow Sodali LLC

I greatly enjoyed the discussion board because it allowed me to apply what I was learning to my experiences and share with the group while learning from the experiences of others, and exchanging thoughtful feedback

Lee Suyao

Lee Suyao

Facilities Supervisor / Environment of Care Lead at Dignity Health

I learned so much from this course from beginning to end. Project management in healthcare is a complex process. I have already applied most of the discipline right away. I feel more empowered and focused on some of the projects I am currently involved in. The interaction with other students was also great as I learned a lot from their own experiences and perspective. Completing this course, I feel more confident to lead projects that serve our most important stakeholders: our patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because healthcare is a rapidly changing industry, driven by several demands and factors, we have designed a highly practical and relevant program to help students stay up-to-date. Currently, government and regulatory agencies play a big role in driving the demand as well as making sure that projects are executed successfully which can make or break projects. 

Healthcare projects impact clinical workflows and the quality of patient care while compliance and regulations are maintained from a data standpoint. This is why healthcare project success rates have a large impact on patient outcomes and delivery costs. 

Lastly, healthcare has unique terms and processes, so the deliverables and metrics of healthcare projects may be different from projects in other industries. Delivering the right metrics requires a specific skill set and knowledge relevant to the healthcare industry.

Yes, this program provides the 35 hours of project management education/training required to sit for your PMP exam. If you have a certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI), you may also need to report Professional Development Units (PDUs) for recertification periodically. As a Certificate in Healthcare Project Management graduate from American University and OpusVi, you may be eligible to claim up to 40 PDUs. Learn more here.

Yes. After completing the program and the End-of-Course Survey, you will be awarded a certificate of completion from the American University, as well as 16 CEUs.

What You Will Earn

  • A Certificate in Healthcare Project Management from American University
  • Digital Badges and 16 Continuing Education Credits from AKH. Inc
  • Claim up to 40 PDUs with the Project Management Institute 

Claim up to 40 PDUs With the Project Management Institute

If you have a certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI), you may need to periodically report Professional Development Units (PDUs) for recertification. As a graduate of the Certificate in Healthcare Project Management with American University and OpusVi, you may be able to claim up to 40 PDUs.

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Healthcare Project Management
Healthcare Project Management

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