Healthcare Innovation - Teladoc


The Client - Teladoc

Teladoc Health is a multinational telemedicine and virtual healthcare service that provides whole-person virtual care that includes primary care, mental health, chronic condition management and more. The company is passionate about creating a unified and personalized consumer experience with innovative technologies that connect patients to right care providers, delivering the highest standard of clinical quality at every consumer touchpoint.

The Challenge

The U.S. has the highest per capita expenditures on healthcare in the world and healthcare costs are skyrocketing. To develop and sustain cutting edge practices, healthcare leaders must constantly seek ways to create more effective and efficient healthcare delivery models and foster a culture of innovation at all levels of their organization.

Teladoc Health required a way to continue discovery and implement innovations in line with — and ahead of — healthcare trends, practices, and products. In preliminary data collection, 88% of Teladoc Health employees wanted to learn to identify opportunities for innovation in healthcare while only 17% felt strongly that they could identify trends in healthcare. Furthermore, the organization’s innovators were spread out around the globe and could benefit from a way to crosscollaborate and network.


OpusVi’s partnership with Teladoc Health has paved the way for increased innovation, collaboration, and retention. In December 2022, Teladoc Health hosted a Pitch-a-thon where over 18 innovations were developed as a result of the program and 10 were selected to present on a company-wide meeting with an expert review panel, featuring Claus Torp Jensen, Chief Innovation Officer. From this Pitch-athon, 3 innovations were placed on Teladoc’s implementation list for FY2024.

By the conclusion of the course, the vast majority of students agreed or strongly agreed that they had indeed learned the intended outcomes:


Agreed they could identify areas for innovation in healthcare and ways to turn innovative ideas into valuable strategies and business models.


Agreed they knew techniques to encourage others to adopt new innovations as a result of the program


Would recommend this course to others.

OpusVi’s Solution

In turn, OpusVi provided streamlined access for 147 learners within Teladoc’s Beacon Innovation Department to the Certificate in Healthcare Innovation with the Arizona State University: Thunderbird School of Global Management. This department consists of roles similar to Senior Product Manager, Clinical Data Analyst, Engineer Manager, Senior User Research, and Operations Support. The certificate program is designed to support innovators at all levels in finding new ideas, improving processes to advance quality, enhancing the patient experience, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs. The program was aligned with Teladoc Health’s existing professional development budget and desired timeline based on staff capacity to engage in the learning experience

147 learners were enrolled in 12 closed cohorts across 6 launch dates throughout 2022. Weekly assignments allowed maximal applicability, weekly guided discussions boosted knowledge sharing and networking across the organization, and the program was guided by a variety of expert instructors with extensive experience in healthcare and gaining adoption for new innovations.

What’s Next

Having laid a successful foundation for more innovation in their organization, Teladoc Health is making the Certificate in Innovation in Healthcare Management an ongoing part of their education strategy, with 140 more learners enrolled in 2023. In light of the success, Teladoc Health will also be expanding education across Certificate in Mini-MBA in Healthcare with the University of Arizona, Eller Executive Education targeting business leaders and emerging business leaders committed to organization success and the Certificate in Nurse Leadership with Duke Corporate Education to support clinical leadership.

About Teladoc

Teladoc Health empowers all people everywhere to live their healthiest lives by transforming the healthcare experience. As the world leader in whole-person virtual care, Teladoc Health uses proprietary health signals and personalized interactions to drive better health outcomes across the full continuum of care, at every stage in a person’s health journey. Teladoc Health leverages more than two decades of expertise and data-driven insights to meet the growing virtual care needs of consumers and healthcare professionals. For more information, please visit