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Empowering Your Nursing Workforce: Partner with OpusVi™

OpusVi™ is your strategic partner in addressing workforce development challenges within your organization.

We recognize the critical importance of not only recruiting but also retaining top-tier nursing talent for the success of your healthcare facility. Introducing our comprehensive Nursing suite of solutions, meticulously crafted to cater to the distinct requirements of healthcare providers like yours.

By selecting OpusVi's Nursing programs for your team, you're making a forward-thinking investment in the future of your organization.

Impact of Our Programs

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National Nurse Preceptor Training Program


An Innovative and Scalable Transition to Practice Program to Invest in Nurses, Reduce Turnover and Save Costs...



Nurse Residency, Preceptorship and Mentorship - Transition to Practice Platform

A turn-key, customizable, Nurse Residency platform, developed in partnership with key stakeholders from the Healthcare industry....


Online Master of Science in Nursing (Emphasis in Strategic Systems Leadership)

A World-class Program Created for Solving Challenges in a Post-pandemic World...



RN to BSN Completion - Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Earn Your BSN in Just 12 Months...


Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program

A flexible and engaging CNA training program that is meticulously crafted to equip learners with the essential competencies required for successful navigation of the certification exam...


One dashboard meets all your competency needs.

A clean, intuitive, incredibly robust dashboard makes managing thousands of employee competencies, across any clinical department, virtually effortless.

We're helping nurses get back to the bedside.


CNOs can:

  • Feel confident that floating nurses have the skills, knowledge, behaviors and judgment needed
  • Rest assured that the team is always up to date and ready for Audit day
“There are too many benefits to list them all. I just appreciate that my team values the tool as much as leadership does.”

Managers and directors can:

  • Access robust reports in real time
  • Send reminders to those falling behind
  • Always be ready for the Joint Commission
“I can see, in real time, exactly where everyone is with their learning and competencies. It saves me so much time.”

Nurses educators can:

  • Get a clear view of the department’s progress
  • Update everyone’s competencies in real time
  • Spend less time tracking down paperwork
“Dossier is a game changer.”

Nurses can:

  • See competency progress in real time
  • Access clinical learning content and assessments instantly
  • Onboard and transition to practice with ease
“Even though I was new to the team, I felt confident knowing everything that was expected of me.”

Unlocking Success Stories:
Discover the Impact of Our Partnerships

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Workforce Needs

Our dedicated team will help you identify your workforce development needs to determine custom solutions to quickly close your biggest skill gaps. Built with an impact-driven learning approach, our turn-key solutions amplify your organization’s strategic initiatives, including talent development, retention and acquisition.

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Let’s discuss your unique needs and how OpusVi can empower and elevate your nursing workforce.

Learn how our workforce development solutions improve retention and elevate the healthcare industry.