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Empower Your Healthcare Workforce with OpusVi™

We design and develop customized learning experiences for healthcare professionals to positively impact the lives of our learners and, as a result, the organizations in which they work.

We partner with premier academic institutions and industry experts to innovate, push boundaries, redefine and reimagine healthcare workforce development for busy healthcare professionals.

Our workforce development platform is designed to enhance training, upskilling, retention and worker mobility.

Impact of Our Programs

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MBA, Healthcare


An Innovative and Scalable Transition to Practice Program to Invest in Nurses, Reduce Turnover and Save Costs...



Nurse Residency, Preceptorship and Mentorship - Transition to Practice Platform

A turn-key, customizable, Nurse Residency platform, developed in partnership with key stakeholders from the Healthcare industry....


Essentials of Person-Centered Memory Care

A Caregiving Workforce Solution Designed for Aging Population...



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Unlocking Success Stories:
Discover the Impact of Workforce Development

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Workforce Needs

Our dedicated team will help you identify your workforce development needs to determine custom solutions to quickly close your biggest skill gaps. Built with an impact-driven learning approach, our turn-key solutions amplify your organization’s strategic initiatives, including talent development, retention and acquisition.

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Let’s discuss your unique needs and how OpusVi can empower and elevate your healthcare workforce.

Learn how our workforce development solutions improve retention and elevate the healthcare industry.