Becker's Healthcare: 5 notes on CommonSpirit, OpusVi’s 1-year nurse residency

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Beckers Healthcare 5 notes on CommonSpirit, OpusVi’s 1-year nurse residency-1-1

Erica Carbajal of Becker's Healthcare shared information about our Nurse Residency program. Check out an article excerpt below or view the full piece here.

The turnover rate among first-year nurses is at an all-time high of about 32 percent, according to the "2023 NSI National Healthcare Retention" report. That's one of the drivers behind a one-year nurse residency program created by OpusVi and backed by Chicago-based CommonSpirit Health, which is rolling out the program systemwide. 

The organizations launched the program April 27 in 21 states with the goal of easing new nurses' transition into full-time practice and lowering health systems' spend on hiring and retention costs. 

Four more notes on the 12-month program:

  • The residency aims to boost RN retention by at least 20 percent. It trains both preceptors and nurse residents. 
  • Hospitals and health systems can customize the program across different sites and specialties, leaders told the American Hospital Association in a recent blog post. It enables decision-makers to predict retention rates and track effectiveness through data insights. 

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