Becker’s Healthcare: CommonSpirit, OpusVi Roll Out Nurse Retention Program in 21 States


Ashleigh Hollowell of Becker's Healthcare shared information about our Nurse Residency, Preceptorship and Mentorship program. Check out an excerpt of the article below or view the full piece here.

Chicago-based CommonSpirit Health has launched a year-long nurse residency program that will be available in 21 states developed in partnership with OpusVi.

Registered nurse turnover can cost hospitals and health systems anywhere from $3.6 million to $6.5 million annually. In light of that, the program aims to boost retention by 20 percent to increase cost savings and reduce hiring and recruitment time spent. 

The program was developed with nurse educators to help ease new nurses' transition into full-time practice, according to the April 25 press release.