Becker's Hospital Review Podcast: An Interview with OpusVi's Katelyn Michtich Julie DeLoia, Chief Academic Officer

Katelyn Michtich and Julie DeLoia share insights into their background & OpusVi, how to tackle challenges through the lens of workforce development and education, what role does education plays on the administrative side of healthcare, and more.
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Becker's Healthcare spoke to our VP of Business & Workforce Development, Katelyn Michtich, MBA and Chief Academic Officer, Julie DeLoia, PhD to learn insights into the challenges and opportunities facing healthcare providers in 2024. From navigating payer-provider relationships to addressing clinician burnout, the conversation covers various topics essential for understanding the future of healthcare workforce development.

Listen to the full podcast episode here.

Katelyn Michtich on Workforce Development's Role in Payer Relations:
"Workforce development has a multifaceted approach to payer relations with hospitals. It's about standardizing understanding and grading competencies to ensure consistency in reimbursements."

Julie Deloia on the Importance of Education Post-Pandemic:
"Workforce development has always been crucial, even pre-pandemic, as the rapid evolution of technology and healthcare practices demanded continuous adaptation. The pandemic exacerbated existing challenges, from shifts in patient demographics to heightened acuity levels, placing immense pressure on healthcare professionals. Supporting nurses, medical assistants, CNAs and administrators with tailored, accessible education is not just a necessity; it's a testament to our commitment to their well-being and the future of healthcare."

Katelyn Michtich on Addressing Clinician Burnout:

"Building business acumen among clinicians is crucial post-pandemic. It not only helps with burnout but also changes their lens as they deliver care."

Listen to the full podcast episode here.