OpusVi and Premier, Inc. Collaborate to Boost Retention, Satisfaction and Reduce Costs Within Healthcare Systems

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PHOENIX, AZ, SEPTEMBER 5, 2023 –OpusVi, a leading workforce development solutions provider that exclusively enables healthcare systems and organizations to upskill and retain top talents, is announcing its strategic collaboration with Premier, Inc., a leading technology-driven healthcare improvement company, to provide Premier’s vast network of 4,350 U.S. health systems and 300,000+ other providers with a wide range of healthcare workforce development solutions to help support retention, reduce costs, boost engagement and enable continuity of patient care. 

According to the American Hospital Association, by 2025 there will be a shortage of up to 3.2 million healthcare workers caused by pandemic burnout, high turnover rates and staffing shortages that could threaten access to care within the communities they serve. As the demand for healthcare services is rapidly increasing, exceptional patient care hinges on high-quality workforce development training that will equip healthcare professionals with the ability to interpret complex problems and find solutions. These factors result in a need for better access to centralized professional development services that help fill in-demand positions as well as retain, upskill and reskill talent. 

“As we navigate the healthcare industry’s ever-evolving landscape, we recognize true innovation and progress must be achieved through collaborative efforts,” said Andy Brailo, Chief Customer Officer at Premier. “Our initiative with OpusVi complements and amplifies Premier’s robust workforce management consulting, data and technology within Premier’s PINC AI™ technology platform, empowering us to deliver transformative workforce training initiatives for our members. Together, we can build a future where healthcare professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet the ever-growing demands of our industry, ultimately supporting the highest quality care for patients.” 

OpusVi to offer exclusive pricing to Premier’s more than 4,350 U.S. hospitals and health systems and approximately 300,000 other providers.

By leveraging experienced industry experts and faculty, OpusVi will offer Premier’s network of members exclusive pricing on a broad range of scalable, high-quality and cost-effective workforce development solutions. OpusVi’s workforce development solutions are highly unique and offer a learner-centered approach, as well as harnessing the powers of cutting-edge technologies and clinical expertise to ensure programs are evidence-based with immediate applicability, driving impactful transformation across an entire enterprise. 

“A powerful, holistic approach to the current healthcare landscape is to adapt workforce solutions to a system’s mission, vision and values while ensuring high-quality academic integrity, accessibility and seamless use for healthcare professionals,” said Andrew Malley, Chief Executive Officer, OpusVi. “It’s crucial to ensure solutions are affordable for the industry’s constrained budgets. We’re innovating to solve problems in a thoughtful, human-centered way, which is precisely what we need for healthcare and therefore the health of all people.” 

Tailored to each organization’s unique needs, OpusVi workforce solutions offer practical tools and knowledge transfer to train healthcare professionals at different stages of their career paths. Each program is designed to fill in-demand positions, retain clinical and non-clinical talent and upskill and reskill healthcare employees. OpusVi prioritizes equipping healthcare systems with an ecosystem that supports operational efficiencies, all while meeting regulatory requirements and aligning with leading credentialing partners.

To meet the real-time needs of the healthcare industry, OpusVi's programs are designed to be scalable, relevant and affordable. If you are a member of the Premier network, ask your regional director for more information about OpusVi’s workforce solutions and how they can help with prominent pain points within your healthcare system.