Dignity Health Global Education Announces Strategic Rebrand to OpusVi

Latin for “workforce”, OpusVi represents the company’s commitment to eradicating the healthcare staffing shortage crisis through innovative, scalable and impactful workforce development solutions built with academic institutions, subject matter experts and leading healthcare organizations.

Dignity Health Global Education (DHGE), a leading workforce development solutions provider, backed by CommonSpirit Health, Providence Health and Premier, that exclusively enables healthcare systems and organizations to upskill and retain top talent, is announcing its strategic rebrand to OpusVi. This rebrand signals a renewed commitment to its mission of developing transformative workforce solutions to expand and elevate the care workforce by providing quality access at scale with its healthcare partners. 

The Demand for Healthcare Far Outweighs the Supply.

A recent survey from the American Hospital Association estimates the healthcare industry will face a shortage of up to 124,000 physicians by 2033. Meanwhile, it will need to hire at least 200,000 nurses a year to meet rising demands.1 In addition, projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate U.S. healthcare organizations will have to fill more than 203,000 open nursing positions every year until 2031.2 The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reports the need for employment of social workers is projected to grow by nine percent from 2021 to 2031.3

Andrew Malley 

CEO of OpusVi

The healthcare industry is losing professionals at an alarming rate and the current staffing shortage across the U.S. is of particular concern. We believe the only way to effect change in healthcare is to provide access at scale. This is why we partner with healthcare organizations to provide high-quality solutions that can expand and elevate their workforce and improve patient care. We achieve this through scalable, tech-driven programs offering clinical expertise, proven instructional design, trusted educational partnerships and impact measurement to ensure success and ROI. We aim to ensure healthcare workers learn the skills they need to apply on the job so they feel both confident and competent in their roles by leveraging our connections to bring together the best of academia, world-class experts and working professionals to create an in-demand and unmatched learning ecosystem.

Andy Brailo

Chief Commercial Officer at Premier, Inc.

Many providers are dealing with industry-wide labor challenges so offering access to high-quality continued education is critical. OpusVi provides healthcare systems the opportunity to offer high-quality, economical continued education, collegiate-level programs and master’s programs at scale to their organizations. No matter where your staff sleeps at night, giving access to thought leaders and universities across the country is core to staff retention and something we should all be thinking about. I’m excited to see how OpusVi’s offerings continue to shape the industry and assist health leaders in combating the current staffing crisis.

Kathleen Sanford

Chief Nursing Officer at CommonSpirit Health

I’ve been in nursing for a long time, but I’ve never seen a more challenging time for the entire healthcare industry and nursing and clinical workers than right now. Because of these challenges, our learning needs are much bigger than they’ve been in the past. Many healthcare workers who have more years of experience are leaving the workforce, and the newer nurses are not finding the guidance available before. We must find ways to ensure new nurses are able to provide high-quality care to patients and receive guidance through programs like those offered by OpusVi. Through the nurse residency, the social work fellowship and skill-based pathways, we’re already seeing the upskilling and significant retention effects of OpusVi’s offerings, and I’m confident these programs will make large impacts across the industry as a whole


Continued Education Fights Back Against the Staffing Crisis

OpusVi is already making major strides in supporting the healthcare workforce through high-quality custom workforce development solutions like a Nurse Residency, Mentorship and Preceptorship Program, a Social Work Fellowship and a Care Academy offering that were both created in collaboration with CommonSpirit Health, one of the top non-for-profit healthcare systems in the US. On top of this, OpusVi has also designed additional upskilling and reskilling programs such as MBA in Healthcare and Master of Science in Nursing degree programs as well as various cutting-edge certification courses built with top academic institutions including Northern Arizona University, Duke CE, Pepperdine, Mercy College, among others. OpusVi’s courses have proven to be impactful as evidenced by completion rates of 85%, and a Net Promoter Score score of 93, both far exceeding industry averages for continued online healthcare education.

OpusVi is dedicated to working with its healthcare partners to build transformative workforce solutions by prioritizing scale, trust, impact, innovation, compassion and technology. To learn more about OpusVi, visit our website OpusVi.com and to stay updated on company updates, follow us on LinkedIn.