Fierce Healthcare: Healthcare's Fundamental Challenge - OpusVi's Mission to Alleviate the Staffing Shortage


Fierce Healthcare shares information about our rebrand transitioning from Dignity Health Global Education to OpusVi. Check out an excerpt of the article below or view the full piece here.

Dignity Health Global Education (DHGE) has officially transitioned to OpusVi to highlight its sole mission of eliminating the healthcare staffing shortage crisis. This goes beyond a rebrand - it's addressing the core challenge in healthcare: the demand for care far exceeds the supply of skilled healthcare workers to properly support the population.

Author: Andrew Malley, Chief Executive Officer, OpusVi (formerly Dignity Health Global Education)

Healthcare’s Staffing Crisis

Among the vast - and growing - challenges impacting the U.S. healthcare industry, staffing shortages present the most urgent crisis to not only healthcare leaders but patient care overall.

Resignations among healthcare workers have increased steadily from about 400,000 per month in 2020 to nearly 600,000 per month in May 2023. Also, though there is a wide array of opportunities for healthcare education in the U.S., attrition and turnover rates for first- and second-year nurses are on the rise. With more healthcare workers expected to exit the workforce over the next several years, these staffing shortages will only worsen unless organizations intervene.