OpusVi Launches New Nurse Residency Program to Help Increase RN Retention by 20% or Higher

Nurse Residency Program Targeting to Save Millions in Hiring and Retention Costs for US Healthcare Systems

American Hospital Association shared information about our Nurse Residency program. Check out an excerpt of the article below or view the full piece here.

Nurses comprise the largest group of health care professionals and yet the health care field is facing critical nurse shortages.

According to the 2022 NSI National Healthcare Retention report, there is a 17% RN vacancy rate, and the turnover rate for newly graduated nurses is at an all-time high (31.7%).

But amidst this workforce crisis, CommonSpirit Health and OpusVi, a workforce development platform created by Dignity Health, teamed up to launch a nurse residency program designed to meet this challenge head on. Dignity Health is owned by CommonSpirit.

This turnkey, customizable program allows hospitals and health systems to implement a residency program across each of their sites and specialties. Participating health care organizations receive full support from the OpusVi program support specialists, instructional designers and technologists who provide tailored step-by-step implementation. Decision-makers will be able to predict retention rates and measure the true effectiveness of the program through reporting, deep insights and real-time data. The platform also provides an easy-to-scale technology infrastructure that can be tailored to each organization’s unique needs.

To read the full piece, click here.