OpusVi and CHI Living Communities partner to provide person-centered Memory Care Orientation to almost 3,000 senior living staff through custom program

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OpusVi is pleased to partner with CHI Living Communities (CHI Living) to bring advanced practical training in memory care to all their employees. For a growing organization of approximately 3,000 employees and 2,000 residents in their care, Memory Care Orientation: Essentials in Person-Centered Care will train professionals across seven states and have continuous impact as CHI Living expands its reach. Together, CHI Living and OpusVi are redefining the standard of training for senior living staff through this custom workforce solution.

“Our comprehensive orientation program takes a person-centered approach to memory care. Through practical skills development rooted in a fundamental understanding of memory loss, this custom solution was designed to reflect CHI Living’s goal of providing unmatched care and high quality of life to all of their patients. The training will also teach coping mechanisms for stress management and wellness on the job, to the benefit of both senior living employees and the seniors under their care.”

Julie DeLoia

PhD, Chief Academic Officer of OpusVi

This partnership marks OpusVi’s first venture into workforce development specific to senior living, an area that the organization is excited to expand into. Following the initiation of this custom solution with CHI Living, OpusVi plans to scale the program and offer it to health systems and assisted living organizations across the sector.

“Senior care, home health, and post-acute care are exciting and developing spaces. We have provided leadership development to CHI Living for some time and we are proud they are taking the next step with us. Not only will we educate thousands of their caregivers by working with CHI Living and their teams, we will also collaborate with other groups to ensure up-skilling and development is occurring sector-wide with best-in-class education.”

Andrew Malley

CEO of OpusVi

Memory care as a starting point for senior care solutions

With this new initiative, CHI Living becomes the most recent beneficiary of OpusVi’s custom workforce solutions services. As part of our mission to transform healthcare through workforce development, OpusVi partners with not-for-profit institutions, health systems, and industry leaders to co-develop learning solutions for immediate business impact, backed by top-ranking academic partners.

"CHI Living’s partnership with OpusVi helps give our people the education they need. Providing our staff with the tools and resources to impact the lives of those they serve is best achieved through education. We have made the conscious effort to invest in our people through training designed to improve communication, networking, and building teams. Starting with Memory Care Orientation, our work together demonstrates our commitment to teach compassion to residents and staff, which will foster the best Senior Living experience and workplace culture we have to offer."

Prentice Lipsey

President and CEO of CHI Living Communities

Transforming the Healthcare Workforce

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CHI Living Communities fulfills its sacred ministry by providing thousands of seniors with a wide variety of care and safe living options — including Independent and Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation services — on 17 campuses in eight states, including Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Wisconsin. For more information about their care and services, visit

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