OpusVi and Duke CE launch leadership program for healthcare professionals

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An increased need for strong leadership

Leadership in healthcare is critical, now more than ever. The demands of the healthcare industry are growing as the world is experiencing unprecedented levels of turbulence and complexity. With innovations in technologies and treatment, unforeseen infectious diseases, health system mergers, and regulatory changes, it falls on healthcare leaders to help align the work of the team with the goals of their organization and to help others navigate rapid change.

These important shifts are coupled with a growth in healthcare leadership positions, which are expected to grow by 20%, with an estimated 424,300 new positions by 2026 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In response to these shifts and the need for more healthcare leaders, this course is aimed at building the next generation of healthcare leaders who will be critical to the future of modern healthcare.

Launching a co-created Certificate in Healthcare Leadership

OpusVi and Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) are proud to partner once again to offer a new Certificate in Healthcare Leadership designed for healthcare leaders who want to increase their effectiveness and have a positive impact in their organization. In this certificate, healthcare professionals will consider their authentic leadership style and how they want to show up as a leader; learn how to leverage leadership tools such as coaching, motivation, delegation and performance conversations to develop and guide the work of others; and increase their understanding and ability to execute the organization’s strategic and financial plans at the team level, as well as help their people navigate the changes required to stay relevant and deliver on the mission.

The 12-week online Certificate in Healthcare Leadership offers evidence-based content, practical tools, insightful examples, and structured application to move the learner from insight to action. The modularized delivery approach offers flexibility in both time commitment and location as it does not require time away from work. It is driven by distance-based learning content and activities that are flexible and easy to consume given busy schedules.

An innovative program that helps learners find an authentic leadership style to drive their organization forward

The course content addresses the key challenges healthcare leaders face in three important dimensions: Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading Organization. Within each module, units explore a variety of topics crucial for today’s leaders. Each unit contains a series of provocative and practical video lessons, interactive application exercises, and discussions that provide an opportunity for participants to share their experiences, learn from peers, and create a connected community of healthcare leaders. The experience is facilitated by industry experts and the content is based on Duke CE’s work and thought leadership in the field and practical experience and insight from OpusVi. This course was made with industry, for industry.

“Leaders have to prepare to be a leader,” shares Thomas Brink, former CEO and President of Fairbanks Hospital and one of the contributors to the certificate. “Leaders are made through experiences but they’re also made through education. They have to train their mind and work daily. I think when you first take your role as a leader, you’re not just doing it for the money or for your family — though those are valid reasons to take on a position of this kind — you are also doing it for the organization and for the sake of other people and that takes on a whole new responsibility.”


“With the daunting demands on healthcare today and in the years ahead, the healthcare profession is facing a step-change in the demand for leadership capability,” says Michael Chavez, Chief Executive Officer for Duke Corporate Education. “Through this course, our aim is to inspire curiosity and a willingness to learn, and to help leaders to advance and deepen their understanding of the business of healthcare. In addition, as turbulence and disruption become the ‘new normal’ in healthcare, this course helps leaders accelerate their relational skills in order to drive better collaboration and team engagement, which is quickly becoming mission-critical in every healthcare context.”


The Certificate in Healthcare Leadership helps to develop a common language, a consistent set of frameworks and tools, and a supportive community. Resulting in a cadre of healthcare leaders that can better navigate the continuous disruption in healthcare and optimize patient care and quality outcomes.

Transforming the Healthcare Workforce

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