OpusVi and Santa Clara University to launch a Certificate in Social Determinants of Health to address inequities in care

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OpusVi is excited to announce the launch of the latest program in our partnership with Santa Clara University, a Certificate in Social Determinants of Health. This 8-week program, taught by pioneers in the field as well as high-ranking academics in leadership, will prepare learners for the challenge of improving health equity in their communities while providing comprehensive care that takes all factors into consideration.

As part of the mission to provide accessible, high-quality workforce development opportunities with the goal of improving healthcare, OpusVi knows that quality care does not look the same for everyone.

The unfortunate reality is that income, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, language barriers, and access to affordable care all play a role in an individual’s health. As communities become more diverse and societal disparities continue to impact patient health, social factors must be considered to reach an equitable standard of care. As the leading workforce development company, we are focused on preparing healthcare professionals for industry realities. In partnership with Santa Clara University, a top-50 school, this program will provide world-class guidance and knowledge on how to create an effective environment that understands and reacts positively to the social determinants of health.

Andrew Malley

Founder and CEO, OpusVi

This Certificate in Social Determinants of Health will immerse learners in the complexities of systemic and political inequities, overcome language barriers, and assess clinical and nonclinical needs for equitable and inclusive care using relevant data. Course content will focus on the five domains of social determinants of health, including economic stability, education, health and health care, neighborhood and built environment, and social and community context. Learners will explore how workplace culture, education, and training influence how healthcare professionals care for diverse populations while developing empathy and trust-building skills.

In this program, learners will not just learn about the theory of social determinants of health, but also gain knowledge and skills that are immediately transferable to implement change in the workplace and communities. Case studies will illuminate real life situations and how leaders responded. Learners will also gain skills to overcome obstacles to implementing change and how to evaluate program success.

Julie DeLoia

Chief Academic Officer, OpusVi

In a globalizing world, this course will help learners come to work prepared to take the standard of care to the next level, teaching them how to adjust for comprehensive care of every patient as well as targeted populations. Through imparting the crucial skills today’s health leaders need to directly address the key health risks in their communities, workers will know how to give their patients the best care for their specific needs and realities.

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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara University blends high-tech innovation with a social consciousness grounded in the Jesuit educational tradition. Committed to leaving the world a better place, they pursue new technology, encourage creativity, engage with their communities, and share an entrepreneurial mindset to help shape the next generation of leaders and global thinkers.

The Silicon Valley Executive Center at Santa Clara University is more than just executive education. We develop ethical leaders who grapple with the complexities of the modern business environment to create better outcomes and a more just world. We will equip your team with the skills they need to drive business forward.

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