OpusVi launch healthcare education partnership with The Center for Health Affairs

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Enhancing education for the healthcare community

Hospitals and health organizations depend on the advocacy of non-profit professional services organizations such as The Center for Health Affairs (The Center) to provide the expertise, resources, and solutions to address regional challenges. OpusVi is proud to partner with The Center to ensure its members have access to top-tier and student-centered educational experiences.

For over a century, The Center has been the leading advocate for hospitals across Northeast Ohio. As the first regional hospital association in the United States, it has been a catalyst for transforming healthcare throughout the nation. The Center collaborates with its business affiliates CHAMPS Group Purchasing and The Essentials Group to meet the changing needs of its members from emergency preparedness to community health needs assessments. 

CHAMPS Group Purchasing member locations exceed 19,000 and The Essentials Group is designed to create greater value for the collective member and client base of The Center and CHAMPS by serving as an incubator for new concepts and forging partnerships that bring forward solutions to improve efficiency, productivity, and outcomes. The Essentials Group’s guiding principle is to act as the gateway to the right products and services for businesses to take command of their bottom line.

"With OpusVi, we were striving to find partners in the education space that had a strong healthcare background and presence but also solve problems with learning solutions tailored to an organization's needs. This partnership with OpusVi assists us in our mission to help our members and clients develop their employee talent and stay current in their respective business fields."

Tracy Wise

Senior Vice President of Business Operations and Administration for The Center for Health Affairs and CHAMPS Healthcare.

OpusVi will join The Essential’s Group’s Education vendor category and members and stakeholders of The Center and its business affiliates will be able to undertake educational initiatives to improve their workforce. This, in turn, serves to improve the overall health of the community. “We’re excited to partner with The Center for Health Affairs to offer our portfolio of healthcare education offerings to their network of healthcare professionals. We are eager to work with them to enhance their healthcare community through education,” says Scott Norris, Vice President of Workforce Development at OpusVi.

Accessible solutions for workforce development

Making an impact on the community and creating equity in health through equity in education is core to OpusVi’s values. OpusVi’s programs are developed with top academic institutions, designed with leading industry experts, and made accessible through cloud-based technology platforms. 

“Healthcare professionals have experienced drastic changes in the past year. By offering specialized, flexible, and agile education options, we’re giving them the tools to grow professionally in the way that is most helpful and accessible to them. Our innovative, interdisciplinary, and collaborative approach prepares the healthcare workforce to define their careers and to prepare them for the century ahead.”

Andrew Malley

CEO of OpusVi