Thunderbird School of Global Management joins OpusVi to train global health leaders

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Arizona State University’s Thunderbird School of Global Management and OpusVi announced today a new partnership to offer a Master of Global Management (MGM) degree with an emphasis on healthcare services. The MGM will be offered in spring of 2020 and a Certificate in Innovation in Healthcare Management will also be offered in the Fall 2019.

The Thunderbird-OpusVi partnership is poised to begin educating healthcare industry leaders around the world. The MGM and certificate programs are designed to help prepare students to explore changes in the healthcare industry worldwide. They will be useful for professionals in a wide variety of healthcare services or in services supported by the healthcare industry.

Thunderbird brings to the partnership a long legacy of leadership and education, a global reach, an online educational platform, and a transdisciplinary ecosystem within ASU, the number one school in the U.S. for innovation. OpusVi through one of its parent companies, Dignity Health offers its best practices in training and education, expertise in healthcare technology, and a legacy of delivering healthcare services on an international basis.

“This partnership with OpusVi is an exciting opportunity to bring together one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit healthcare providers and the world’s number one ranked Master’s in Management to provide healthcare professionals with world-class instruction and practical training on a global scale,” said Sanjeev Khagram, PhD, Dean and Director General of Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University.


Andrew Malley, CEO of OpusVi, said, “This specialization of applied learning, where industry is developing content alongside world-class academia, is the future of workforce development. Given our access to a vast network of hospitals and health centers in over 20 states, we can offer real-world case studies, data, problem-solving, and placements to our programs. Students will be working on practical projects, within real facilities, with real problems to solve and for a new generation of emerging leaders.”


Global healthcare spending is projected to reach $10.6 trillion in 2030 and $15.0 trillion in 2050. This partnership between Thunderbird and OpusVi will help prepare leaders to turn the enormous healthcare opportunities into realities.

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