Mini-MBA in Senior Living

A Business Program to Elevate the Senior Living Sector

Taught by industry experts, academic specialists, and champion athletes, the dynamic Mini-MBA in Senior Living provides healthcare professionals with a comprehensive set of business foundations and lessons in the context of senior living and person-centered senior care. You will be able to hone your leadership skills through a combination of business essentials tailored to senior living, interactive discussions, and a supervised capstone project to put your insights into action.

For professionals currently in or aspiring to have a career in senior living management, nursing home operations, or general geriatric care, this 12-week certificate program prepares you to excel in senior living management. You'll be given the tools to make a real impact on the lives of seniors and their families, and complete the program fully equipped to make a meaningful contribution to a growing industry.

Make an Impact: Earn Your Mini-MBA in Senior Living


Olympic and Super Bowl-winning athletes give insights into performing and persevering, even under pressure


industry experts in senior living and patient-centered senior care inform the program from start to finish


to the context of a career in senior living management

Academic Experts

from the University of Arizona’s Eller Executive Education and Eller College of Management develop and present high-quality learning content in business fundamentals

Program Outline

The Mini-MBA in Senior Living is a specialized certificate program that teaches MBA-level business fundamentals specifically tailored to the challenges of senior healthcare, such as patient care, financing, marketing and leadership. The program is designed for those who want to pursue or grow a career in senior care, such as nurses, managers and administrators.

  • Unit 1: Tensions and Dilemmas Facing Healthcare: The Forces of Healthcare Economics
  • Unit 2: Drive Performance Through High-Impact Business Strategy
  • Unit 3: Delivering Value Through World-Class Operations
  • Unit 4: Gain a Competitive Edge Through Strategic Human Capital Management
  • Unit 5: Leveraging Budgets for Better Healthcare
  • Unit 6: Making Strong Decisions Through Financial Investment Fluency
  • Unit 7: Strong, Agile Organizations: Thriving in Change
  • Unit 8: Change the Game: The Science of Influence
  • Unit 9: Building the Right Team: Talent Acquisition and Retention
  • Unit 10: In the Arena: Interpersonal Communications, Difficult Conversations, and Emotional Agility
  • Unit 11: The Heart of a Champion: Resilience and Awareness
  • Unit 12: Human-Centered Design: From Starting Blocks to Finish Line (Capstone Project)

Among other skills, you will learn to:

  • Integrate foundational theory in economics, finance, accounting, and operations into senior living business practice with confidence
  • Utilize cash, human capital, other resources, and their flow to impact positive change in your organization 
  • Confidently and fluently communicate about aspects of business administration with all levels and units in your organization
  • Make strategic decisions that enhance the performance of yourself and others
  • Exercise your mindset, and influence the mindset of others, to achieve greatness
  • Apply modern tools of business administration to solve real challenges and positively impact the trajectory of older adult service industry and their clientele
  • Foster a culture of agility and adaptability to apply to the fast-paced environment of the senior living sector

The Mini-MBA in Senior Living is an opportunity for healthcare professionals wanting to further their understanding of the business of healthcare in the context of senior living and to identify and overcome the unique obstacles and challenges faced in the senior living sector.

Professionals who will benefit most from this certificate are:

  • Healthcare professionals working in senior care and geriatrics wanting to gain a solid basis of management, business, and administrative knowledge that is crucial to moving into management or senior-management roles
  • Professionals working in administration and operations wishing to gain contextual insights into senior healthcare
  • Experienced professionals, including executives, directors, and MBA and MHA degree holders looking to transition into leadership roles in the senior living sector
  • Senior management professionals and executives already working in the senior living space looking to gain further contextual knowledge to optimize operations and patient care within their health system
  • Healthcare professionals considering applying for a full MBA program who wish to sample aspects of a full degree before fully committing (Graduates will be able to count four credits to be used within the University of Arizona system)

Don’t see yourself in the above-mentioned roles? We recommend that you inquire with us to discuss your unique situation with your dedicated Enrollment Advisor.

What You Will Earn

  • A Mini-MBA in Senior Living Certificate from The University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management
  • Digital badges
  • 24 CEUs/CMEs

Tuition and Financing Options

Full Tuition

Pay in full




Pay in 3 installments of


contact us for details

About Eller Executive Education

Eller Executive Education is passionate about disrupting traditional executive education. By exploring the latest science in leadership development, modern business management theory, and contemporary learning design, they help organizations in over 93 global locations discover new ways to lead, manage, and innovate. Eller Executive Education is the fastest progressing executive education provider and holds a No. 5 ranking in the U.S. and No. 15 ranking globally for Customized Executive Education in the Financial Times Executive Education Ranking 2019.

As the non-degree leadership development arm of the University of Arizona's Eller College of Management, Eller Executive Education is connected to leading institutions that are internationally recognized for pioneering research, offering an innovative curriculum, working with distinguished faculty, their social responsibility, and their excellence in management information systems and entrepreneurship.


global locations have benefited from Eller Executive Education’s programs


years of experience delivering executive education programs behind Eller Executive Education


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ranking in the U.S. and #24 ranking globally for Customized Executive Education Programs (Eller Executive Education, Financial Times 2020)

Arrive for Impact — Meet Your Olympic and Super Bowl-Winning Coaches

In an innovative approach, our curriculum features two-time Super Bowl champion Max Starks, four-time track and field Olympic medal winner Ato Boldon, and two-time shot put Olympic medal winner John Godina. These professional athletes bring their unique perspectives to achieving greatness on the job, overcoming failure while pursuing perfection, and performing under pressure.

Their insights are integrated into condensed, research-based learning content of an MBA-level to teach you the transferable skills of a game-changer in a short time without sacrificing depth.

John Godina

John Godina

Three-time World Championship winner and two-time Olympic medal winner in the shot put

“I opened and owned multiple fitness and sports training businesses since my retirement as an athlete. What is critical is knowing the processes of moving from one industry to another. By bringing the sports perspective into this Mini-MBA, we want to help people understand the nuances of the mental approach, the processes of goal setting, and the experiences around recovery. It provides a knowledge base that helps a medical provider transition into the business aspects of healthcare.”

Our Content

OpusVi™ and Eller Executive Education created this remarkable program with healthcare, business, and sports experts to meet the unique needs of today’s healthcare professionals working in rural areas. 

  • Accessible: The learning content is 100% online and designed for remote learning, offering an engaging experience.
  • Guided: An expert instructor gives you frequent feedback on self-reflective exercises and discussions.
  • Social: You’ll study in a cohort of rural healthcare professionals, allowing you to build a community to help your community.

The cost of a two-year MBA program in the U.S. can be upwards of $100K. In contrast, our Mini-MBA in Senior Living offers an accelerated 12-week business program for the affordable price of $4,995. 

While a full MBA program will most likely not be specialized, the Mini-MBA in Senior Living is designed for learners who want to learn more about the business of healthcare. It gives them foundational knowledge in economics, business strategy, operations, human resources, finances, and innovation in a healthcare-specific context that they can apply to their daily work straight away, and furthermore includes specialized teachings tailored to the senior living space. It examines these business and management topics through the lens of the senior living sector, which is often not included in traditional MBA or MHA programs.

While our Mini-MBA in Senior Living is beneficial on its own, it’s also an excellent way to sample aspects of a full MBA degree before committing. You will gain foundational knowledge in economics, business strategy, operations, human resources, finances, and leadership that are able to stand on their own but will also be helpful to expand on, should you choose to enroll in a long-format program.

The difference between the programs is that the Mini-MBA in Senior Living looks at the learning content in the context of a senior living environment and that learning content, exercises, and the capstone project are tailored to management in the senior living area of healthcare. Neither of the programs is better than the other, meaning that you can make a confident choice depending on where you work and which of the programs will help you make a greater impact. They each feature a high-quality curriculum developed by a team of academic experts that is supplemented by insights from top athletes. All of our Mini-MBA programs were developed under guidance from healthcare professionals to ensure that course content will prepare every learner for the unique challenges and demands of a career in their respective sectors of healthcare management.

The learning content for the Mini-MBA in Senior Living features topics of high importance to healthcare management in a senior care context, such as talent recruitment, agility in a fast-paced environment, and empathetic innovation. 

Yes, in fact the Mini-MBA in Senior Living was specifically designed to give candidates foundational knowledge in business, management, and administration topics relating to senior living management.

The cost for this 12-week program is $4,995. For this price, you’ll enjoy a facilitated learning experience and earn a Mini-MBA in Senior Living from Eller Executive Education, 24 CMEs/ CEUs, and digital badges. 

There are no additional fees or costs whatsoever. There are no fees for application or graduation, and you don’t have to pay for textbooks as all of the learning materials are featured online.

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Mini-MBA in Senior Living
Mini-MBA in Senior Living

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