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online interactive learning made with healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals

Only $19,764

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AACSB-accredited program made with top faculty (a merit held by only 5% of business schools worldwide)

OpusVi™ and Northern Arizona University’s MBA, Healthcare

Healthcare is reaching a tipping point. Modern healthcare leaders need to bridge gaps between departments, engage teams, develop talent, and optimize systems for patient-centered care. Northern Arizona University (NAU)’s online Master of Business Administration, Healthcare presented in partnership with OpusVi™ will give you a holistic perspective on the inner workings of healthcare so you’re ready to lead meaningful change and make a lasting impact.

A High-Impact Online MBA Curriculum, Recontextualized for the Healthcare Industry

Our curriculum is informed by leading healthcare industry experts and features foundational business courses recontextualized within a healthcare context. Through a blend of lecture-based courses, an applied practicum, and direct engagement with healthcare professionals, our MBA, Healthcare will arm you with the leadership, communications, and collaboration skills to affect meaningful change in healthcare at an organizational level.

Ashok Subramanian

Ashok Subramanian

Dean of The William A. Franke College of Business at Northern Arizona University

“Unlike many MBA programs which tend to specialize around functional lines such as finance, marketing, or analytics, my preference is to specialize along industry lines because every industry has its unique processes, models, problem structures, metrics, and key performance indicators. That’s why I’m very excited about this partnership. Healthcare is a unique industry and combining NAU’s business expertise with OpusVi™’s industry insights will allow us to teach business in the right industry context — this feeds well into my philosophical approach and will empower healthcare professionals to excel in their careers and achieve greatness for their organizations and their communities.”

Flyer: MBA, Healthcare with OpusVi™ and NAU

Flyer: MBA, Healthcare with OpusVi™ and NAU

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Program Outline

As a program specifically designed for the healthcare industry, including the life sciences, all courses are healthcare-infused. This allows students to discover business and administration-related topics through a healthcare lens and participate in confident and meaningful conversations with the many departments in an organization along with its board members, senior executives, and management.

Learners can choose between a 24-month accelerated path and a 30-month path (including scheduled breaks), allowing for optimal tuition reimbursement.


  • BA 521 — Accounting for Managers (3 credits)
  • BA 609 — Business Law, Ethics, and Corporate Governance (3 credits)
  • BA 610 — Personal Branding, Systems Thinking, and Self Awareness (3 credits)
  • BA 657 — Strategic Marketing Management (3 credits)
  • BA 649 — Process Management (3 credits)
  • BA 658 — Leadership and Organizational Behavior (3 credits)
  • BA 665— Managerial Decision-Making (3 credits)
  • BA 690 — Strategy (3 credits)
  • BA 660 — Financial Analysis and Decision-Making (3 credits)
  • BA 612 — Healthcare Economics and Policy (3 credits)
  • BA 644 — Healthcare Decision Modeling and Simulation (3 credits)
  • BA 691 — Healthcare Consulting Practicum (3 credits)

Total credits: 36

Courses and curriculum are pending final approval and are subject to change.

OpusVi™ and NAU have worked closely with experienced healthcare professionals to ensure that the curriculum of the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Healthcare will equip learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive positive change in their healthcare organizations and for their communities.

The program is built with career development in mind, offering fireside chats and other direct engagement opportunities with specialized healthcare professionals so students can confidently pursue job opportunities.

Upon graduation, you’ll be able to:

  • Use strategic integrative thinking to identify problems, generate alternatives, and develop logical solutions supported by relevant analysis and decision model selection for complex business situations in healthcare
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify ethical dilemmas and be able to recognize and evaluate alternative courses of actions 
  • Analyze complex global economic and business issues that impact healthcare
  • Build effective working relationships and pursue opportunities for self-improvement by developing networking and feedback resources
  • Manage teams effectively and empathically by understanding the integrated nature of healthcare organizations and considering stakeholders within the organization 
  • Develop a sense of purpose and confidence

Earning an online MBA, Healthcare can open up a variety of career paths for you, including:

  • Hospital administrator (Average salary: $87K)
  • Pharmaceutical project manager (Average salary: $95K)
  • Policy analyst (Average salary: $64K)
  • Health services manager (Average salary: $70K)
  • Healthcare research and development manager (Average salary: $100K)

The online MBA, Healthcare is for business and healthcare professionals from all backgrounds who aspire to transform healthcare accessibility and the patient experience, with the ultimate goal of advancing into a leadership role and making a high-level impact.

Students who may benefit most are:

  • Clinical leaders who are currently running or considering opening their own practices or clinics
  • Clinicians looking to move into management
  • Business professionals aiming to transition into healthcare who wish to gain a solid understanding of healthcare-specific business and administration topics  
  • Healthcare administrators hoping to increase their impact
  • Health insurance representatives and medical equipment sales staff who want to play a more dynamic role in the healthcare industry
  • Allied health professionals who want to upgrade their business acumen
  • Veterans transitioning into civilian life who are interested in working in healthcare

If you don’t see yourself reflected in the above groups but are interested in the program, we encourage you to inquire with us to discuss your professional aspirations and whether this program will be a good fit for you.

OpusVi™ and NAU have worked hard to make the Master of Business Administration, Healthcare truly accessible and to make the application process as easy as possible. Applicants must fulfill certain requirements for admission:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree: Applicants must have earned a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 out of a 4.0 scale for their bachelor’s degree to be considered for regular admission. Students holding a cumulative GPA below a 3.0 may be considered for conditional admission with a recommendation and rationale from the admitting academic program.
  • Must demonstrate 2-3 years of work experience in the healthcare setting (not including internships).
  • GRE/GMAT scores may be waived for students with 3 years of demonstrated work experience or with an undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or higher in any major. The admissions committee may evaluate applicants on a case-by-case basis to determine if an entrance exam will be required for admissions.
  • Submit an online application including all required components:
    • Students are required to submit two essays and respond to one of two short answer questions.
    • Contact information of two references
    • Resume
    • Official transcripts from all previously attended undergraduate and graduate institutions (for our admissions process, we accept unofficial transcripts, students will have to provide official transcripts to the Graduate College)
    • Attendance at an admissions interview

The Next Generation of Healthcare Leaders Start Here

We firmly believe that high-quality education at a great value and the convenience of online learning can and should go hand in hand. Here’s how we ensure that you’ll have an engaging, practical learning experience that provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your career as a healthcare professional.

Real-world Consulting Opportunities

At the end of your MBA program, you will have a guaranteed consulting opportunity where you work in a small team under faculty guidance to identify, analyze and solve real problems for real-world clients in the healthcare industry. 

This consulting project not only allows you to apply your learning, but also gives you an opportunity to gain references from clients in the healthcare industry without having to leave your current place of employment.

What You’ll Earn

  • OpusVi™ and Northern Arizona University's online Master of Business Administration, Healthcare program is accredited by the AACSB (the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business).
  • NAU is accredited by the HLC (Higher Learning Commission).

Compromise-Free Education

Career Advancement Without Large Student Debt

Great education makes for great patient outcomes. That’s why healthcare professionals should never have to choose between affordability and high quality when it comes to their education. NAU and OpusVi™ have worked together to make a high-quality program specifically designed for healthcare professionals accessible — not only by offering it online, but also by making it extremely affordable. The cost of tuition is below $20,000.

  • The total program cost is $20,603.
  • Fee breakdown: The tuition cost is $19,764 based on a rate per credit of $549 and there are mandatory fees totaling $104 for up to 6 credits per semester; or $208 for 7 or more credits. Please note: Tuition and fees are subject to change at the discretion of The Arizona Board of Regents or legislature. 
  • We are offering students the option to study over the course of 30 months (with scheduled breaks) to make optimal use of their tuition reimbursement. Inquire today to learn more about the program and how we can help you earn an affordable, high-quality education.
  • Financial Aid Trust Fee: $20 for 6 credits per semester; $40 for 7 or more
  • Information Technology Fee: $84 for 6 credits per semester; $168 for 7 or more
  • Graduate Matriculation Fee: $25
  • Graduation Application Fee: $35
  • Book and material fees are estimated to be $1,200 for the entire program, with each course averaging around $100 for books and materials.

Please note: Tuition and fees are subject to change at the discretion of The Arizona Board of Regents or legislature.

Access up to 3 Years’ Worth of Tuition Reimbursement

Does your employer offer educational assistance or tuition reimbursement? You can pick between a 24-month study track and a 30-month study track (with scheduled breaks), allowing you to access up to three years’ worth of tuition reimbursement to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

Example 1:

Alisha, Physician Assistant

Alisha receives $5,250 tuition assistance annually from her employer. She chooses the 24-month fast track to graduate quickly, allowing her to access 2 years’ worth of tuition reimbursement.

  • Full program tuition: $19,764
  • Tuition assistance: $10,500
  • Out-of-pocket tuition cost for Alisha: $9,264

Example 2:

James, Clinical Nurse Educator

James receives $3,000 tuition assistance annually from his employer. He enrolls in the 30-month option in order to access 3 years’ worth of tuition reimbursement.

  • Full program tuition: $19,764
  • Tuition Assistance: $9,000
  • Out-of-pocket tuition cost for James: $10,764

About Northern Arizona University

Since 1899, Northern Arizona University has fostered a collaborative community and a student-centered approach that engages students in active professional growth and research. Students work closely with faculty mentors, participating in rigorous scholarly activities and hands-on experiences in business, the arts, education, the humanities, and the sciences. Steeped in a rich history, NAU has nurtured a dynamic culture of academic inquiry and excellence that permeates its programs at the university's main campus in Flagstaff, more than 20 locations across Arizona, and online.


years as a student-first foundation


College in Arizona for Return on Investment by LendEDU 2021

Top 4.4%

of academic rankings worldwide based on quality of faculty, learning environment, research performance, publications, and more by The Center for World University Rankings 2020–2021


Best Online College in the Nation (Best in the Southwest) by 2021


most enrolled Native American graduate students in the nation according to Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System data


College in the Nation for Veterans by Military Times 2021


Best Online College by, 2018


Most Affordable Online Program in the Nation by Affordable Colleges Online, 2018

About The William A. Franke College of Business

The W. A. Franke College of Business at Northern Arizona University prepares students to become leaders and make a difference in a world that is changing almost daily. Scholars hone their craft as they build a professional network filled with the best minds in business. Close collaboration with faculty mentors, immersive learning opportunities, and a shared commitment to big-picture thinking define the student experience.

Kurt Hayes

Kurt Hayes

Chief Learning Experience Officer of OpusVi™

“To us, online learning is not only a means to an end — it’s a valuable tool that can be used to enhance a fulfilling learning experience. We can leverage it to deliver relevant content that can be applied immediately, allow learners to network and build lasting connections, and accommodate their busy schedules as working professionals. This program is built on relevance and employs practical, proven pedagogy throughout — we carefully design every aspect of the experience so students can succeed, improve their overall wellbeing, and make a real difference in their careers.”

Neal Gary Smith, MBA

Neal Gary Smith, MBA

Professor of Practice at The W. A. Franke College of Business at Northern Arizona University

“Our university is very good with student connections. We like to keep our class sizes small so that we can truly focus on helping our students, both on a professional and personal level. We encourage them to connect with the faculty and I personally keep in contact with many of our graduates. At NAU, you will experience an open, accepting, and welcoming learning environment, and become part of a great community and alumni network.”

Mahendra K Joshi, PhD

Mahendra K Joshi, PhD

Professor of Management and Graduate Programs Coordinator at The W. A. Franke College of Business at Northern Arizona University

“Our faculty are excited to develop the best possible online learning experience for this MBA program. We want to give students hands-on learning experiences, the opportunity to work on real projects that mean something to someone, and to be able to network with other learners as well as the faculty. To achieve great learning outcomes and high completion rates, our faculty will be highly engaged with each and every enrolled student. At NAU, we pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t deploy an army of student assistants to teach and resolve issues — instead, students will be working directly with the instructors teaching the courses, who are experts in their own fields.”

Martin Hassell, PhD

Martin Hassell, PhD

Assistant Professor of Information Systems at Northern Arizona University

"I want to help students succeed and be as prepared as they can be for their careers and future opportunities. I try to build connections with them so they trust me, work with me, and rely on me when needed — now or in the future. I greatly care about students and helping them achieve their goals."

Jeremy R. Brees, MBA, PhD

Jeremy R. Brees, MBA, PhD

Associate Professor of Management at The W.A. Franke College of Business at Northern Arizona University

"I love teaching adult learners because they understand course concepts on a much deeper level because they are living them every day at work. This also means that they can apply course recommendations, strategies, and tactics the very next day in their performance evaluations, during coaching and feedback, and more. My passion is helping managers be effective leaders and employees be effective contributors and this program is an excellent opportunity to follow that passion."

Unlike a traditional MBA, this online MBA, Healthcare specifically teaches business skills and strategies as they apply to healthcare. An MHA, on the other hand, is not as steeped in business strategy as our MBA, Healthcare.

We have a history of educating working professionals so we’re very mindful of scheduling and convenience. We will try to hold the live classes during evening hours (in the MST time zone). If any conflicts arise, please let us know and we will try to accommodate everyone in the cohort.

Most of the program is made up of asynchronous learning, meaning you can study it on your own time. However, there are a few synchronous elements such as live sessions. We strongly encourage learners to attend the live sessions to benefit from collaboration. There are also points assigned to the live sessions. However, if you can’t attend, there is a policy in place where you can make up the points assigned to that live session. The sessions will also be recorded so you can watch them later.

Since this program has a pre-defined learning path for 36 credit hours, taking additional classes is not possible. However, if you’re interested in additional healthcare-related topics, we encourage you to explore OpusVi’s full suite of courses, all created for healthcare professionals.

While there will be occasional tests to check your understanding of the learning content, they are not the main assessment method. We’re proud to have developed a project-based curriculum with a focus on applicability for working professionals in the healthcare industry. This means that as you’re working through the learning modules, you will be given hands-on exercises and projects that help you make an impact, and engage in discussions with your peers, faculty, and healthcare industry experts.

Our online MBA, Healthcare can help prepare you for a variety of career opportunities in the business of healthcare, including:

  • Health services manager
  • Hospital C-suite executive
  • Pharmaceutical R&D manager

Please inquire with us today to discuss your unique situation and how this program will help you reach your goals.

Yes. Book and material fees are estimated to be $1,200 for the entire program, with each course averaging around $100 for books and materials. These costs include textbooks and case studies (such as Harvard Business Review articles).  

However, as student-centric organizations, we’re very conscious of cost and are working on providing students with the lowest-cost options possible. We ensure that the materials that are selected are only those required — meaning you won’t be asked to buy things that won’t be used — and many of the materials are open-source. As an NAU student, you will also have access to a vast online library.

Currently, each cohort is capped at around 30 students to ensure close interaction between students, faculty, and guest speakers.

Please apply through the NAU website. If you still have questions, please contact

In order to make the application process as easy as possible, GRE/GMAT scores may be waived for students with 3 years of demonstrated, meaningful work experience or with an undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or higher in any major.

Your GPA is taken into consideration for acceptance and GRE/GMAT scores may be waived for students with an undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or higher. However, if you have a low GPA but have shown career progression since graduation, you could still make a good candidate for this program. We encourage you to get in touch to discuss your options.

Yes, with enough notice, you can defer your enrollment. We get it — life happens! Get in touch and we’ll find a solution that works for you.

The program is either 24 months or 30 months long. The courses and learning content are the same, the only difference is that the 30-month option has scheduled breaks to allow you optimal access to tuition reimbursement and fit around your busy schedule.

Please note for the Spring 2024 intake, we are only offering the 30-month option. For the Fall 2024 intake, we are offering the 24-month option.

To ensure the cohort-experience and due to the pre-assigned course structure, it is not possible to switch between the options throughout the program.

To ensure a cohort-based learning experience where you can network with other learners, you need to let us know prior to starting the program if you would like to opt for the 24 or 30-month option.

As a highly-specialized program, our MBA, Healthcare is made up of a pre-assigned curriculum containing 36 credits. This ensures that learners graduate with the business and administration knowledge and skills necessary to drive positive change in their healthcare organizations and for their communities. The pre-assigned path is also helpful because you are taking the program as part of a cohort, giving you the ability to network while enjoying the convenience of online learning.

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MBA, Healthcare
MBA, Healthcare

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