Mini-MBA in Healthcare

Be The Champion Healthcare Needs — Super Bowl and Olympic Athletes Can Teach You How in Our Ground-Breaking Mini-MBA in Healthcare

Healthcare has shifted from a ‘practice of medicine’ mindset to a ‘business of healthcare’ approach and the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we work and live. This means that today’s health leaders need to be more business savvy than ever before — all while inspiring a resilient work environment that their teams can not only survive in but thrive in. Our Mini-MBA in Healthcare helps modern health leaders achieve greatness for the future of healthcare — because champions take many forms.

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A New Kind of Business Program to Push Limits

Today’s health leaders need to have more diversified knowledge than ever before. They need an industry-specific understanding of economics and business, policy and ethics, and decision-making — all while continuing to sharpen their interpersonal skills. Eleven passionate and highly qualified academic experts from the University of Arizona’s Eller Executive Education and Eller College of Management condensed research-based content of an MBA-level into 12 weeks so that you can gain a healthcare-specific business foundation in a short time without sacrificing depth.

In an innovative approach, the curriculum features different kinds of champions: two-time Super Bowl champion Max Starks, four-time track and field Olympic medal winner Ato Boldon, and two-time shot put Olympic medal winner John Godina. These professional athletes bring their unique perspectives to achieving greatness on the job, overcoming failure while pursuing perfection, and performing under pressure.


academic specialists from the University of Arizona’s Eller Executive Education and Eller College of Management develop and present high-quality learning content


champion athletes who are Olympic-medal- and Super Bowl-winning top performers give insights into excelling under pressure and gaining a winning mindset


healthcare experts with decades of experience inform the program from start to finish

Ato Boldon

Ato Boldon

Four-time Olympic medal winner in track and field

“When I started, we had not won a single Olympic medal in Trinidad and Tobago for 20 years and I won four of them. Quite frankly, if it’s been done before, I’m not that interested. When I heard the concept and I saw how unique an approach this was to a Mini-MBA in Healthcare, to infuse knowledge from sports, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I’m here because I feel like this is something that's not been done before.”

John Godina

John Godina

Three-time World Championship winner and two-time Olympic medal winner in the shot put

“I opened and owned multiple fitness and sports training businesses since my retirement as an athlete. What is critical is knowing the processes of moving from one industry to another. By bringing the sports perspective into this Mini-MBA, we want to help people understand the nuances of the mental approach, the processes of goal setting, and the experiences around recovery. It provides a knowledge base that helps a medical provider transition into the business aspects of healthcare.”

Max Starks IV

Max Starks IV

Two-time Super Bowl champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers

“I wanted to be involved with this project because I knew how important gaining these skills was for myself as an athlete transitioning to a new profession. You need to find resources and tools that will help you take your career from one transition to the next. This Mini-MBA Academy is an opportunity to help people attain more and build the character, skills, and resiliency to make that change.”

Learn to Give It Your Best Shot… Every Single Time

How do you channel years of training into a top performance when it matters most? How do you overcome failure? How do you deal with pressure when the whole world is watching you? This program features inspiring insights from three renowned athletes to answer these questions.

Two-time Super Bowl champion Max Starks, four-time Olympic medal winner Ato Boldon, and two-time Olympic medal winner John Godina will speak to topics including setting goals on the path to success; gaining a winning mind and the heart of a champion; performing under the lights; pursuing perfection and reaching your pinnacle; becoming a motivating force to inspire teams that dominate; identifying opportunities for innovation; and overcoming adversity and coming back from defeat.

DHGE wins two Hermes Creative Awards for Website Redesign and our Educational Video
Mini-MBA in Healthcare Brochure

Mini-MBA in Healthcare Brochure

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Program Outline

The Mini-MBA in Healthcare certificate provides healthcare professionals with the training and skills to navigate the business of healthcare and to thrive during turbulent times. In this innovative online 12-week program, world-leading faculty, top executives, and champion athletes teach the fundamentals of performance, resilience, and leadership.

  • Unit 1: Tensions and Dilemmas Facing Healthcare: The Forces of Healthcare Economics (with Keith Joiner, MD)
  • Unit 2: Drive Performance Through High-Impact Business Strategy (with Joe Carella, PhD)
  • Unit 3: Delivering Value Through World-Class Operations (with Robert H. Owen, MBA)
  • Unit 4: Gain a Competitive Edge Through Strategic Human Capital Management (with Elizabeth McClean)
  • Unit 5: Leveraging Budgets for Better Healthcare (with Ann McGrath)
  • Unit 6: Financial Management for High Performance (with Aamir Khan, PhD)
  • Unit 7: Strong, Agile Organizations: Thriving in Change (with Diza Sauers)
  • Unit 8: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Practice (with Lehman Benson III, PhD)
  • Unit 9: Change the Game: The Science of Influence (with Nathan Podsakoff, PhD)
  • Unit 10: Design Thinking: From Starting Blocks to Finish Line (with Mark Peterson, PhD)
  • Unit 11: The Heart of a Champion: Resilience and Awareness (with Deborrah Himsel)
  • Unit 12: Executing Your Game Plan: From Insight to Action (Capstone with Joe Carella, PhD, and Nicholas Tobey, MSOD)

Our Mini-MBA in Healthcare prepares today’s healthcare professionals for modern healthcare business administration. Among other skills, graduates will learn to:

  • Integrate foundational theory in economics, finance, accounting, and operations into healthcare business practice with confidence
  • Utilize cash, human capital, other resources, and their flow to impact positive change in their healthcare organization
  • Confidently and fluently communicate about aspects of healthcare business administration with all levels and units in their organization
  • Make strategic decisions that enhance the performance of themselves and others
  • Exercise their mindset, and influence the mindset of others, to achieve greatness
  • Apply modern tools of business administration to solve real challenges and win in an increasingly competitive healthcare environment

The Mini-MBA in Healthcare is an opportunity for healthcare professionals wanting to grow their career into higher-level positions of management, further their understanding of the business of healthcare, and learn tactics to apply leadership skills to harness productivity and build resilient and sustainable workplaces.

Professionals who will benefit most from this certificate are: 

  • Administrative professionals who are early in their careers and looking to move up into management and leadership positions in the field of healthcare
  • Clinical technicians who plan to transition out of bedside and clinical work to managerial and leadership roles and are looking to have a better understanding of business administration
  • Healthcare professionals considering applying for a full MBA program who wish to sample aspects of a full degree before fully committing

Don’t see yourself in the above-mentioned roles? We recommend that you inquire with us to discuss your unique situation with your dedicated Enrollment Advisor.

What You Will Earn

  • A Mini-MBA in Healthcare from Eller Executive Education 
  • Digital badges
  • 24 CMEs/ CEUs

Tuition and Financing Options

Full Tuition

Pay in full




Pay in 3 installments of


contact us for details

Marvin O’Quinn

Marvin O’Quinn

President and Chief Operating Officer of CommonSpirit Health

“Despite having seen tremendous examples of leadership during the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare — and the world — is still struggling to cope with the effects of the pandemic. We can't expect our clinicians to be natural-born leaders and simply cope. The healthcare industry needs to give these professionals the business fundamentals, confidence as well as the winning mindset, combined with real-world lessons, to help our organizations grow and thrive. As the head of one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in the U.S., I can attest that we don't have time for people to get full MBAs in order to gain these skills. We need them now. If we are going to get through this crisis, we need leaders with education developed by health experts with proven track records that provide the guidance necessary to get through these critical challenges.”

Giuseppe “Joe” Carella, PhD

Giuseppe “Joe” Carella, PhD

Faculty and Former President at Eller Executive Education

“Market forces, technology, and health policies are challenging leaders to rethink healthcare delivery. If you work in healthcare, you need to develop a strategic mindset so that you, your team, and your organization can see the current turbulence as an opportunity. The Mini-MBA in Healthcare helps you accomplish just that. It has a unique combination of faculty, healthcare practitioners, and sports authorities who can help you navigate the shift from being just another healthcare worker to a healthcare change-maker. The program is foundational in nature and helps you capitalize on your existing experience while you develop your business and leadership mindset. You will cover the basics from healthcare administration to building your and your team’s resilience.”

Nathan Podsakoff, PhD

Nathan Podsakoff, PhD

Stephen Robbins Professor of Management and Organizations at Eller College of Management

“This program provides participants with a scientific basis for understanding the factors that affect their ability to ethically and effectively influence patients, clients, coworkers, and other stakeholders. It also provides an understanding of how participants can apply these tools to professional and personal challenges. Thirdly, it will help them detect when others are trying to use influence against them in either an unwanted or unethical way. Our Mini-MBA in Healthcare translates decades of scientific research into practical applications useful both inside and outside of the healthcare industry.”

Andrew Malley

Andrew Malley

CEO of OpusVi™

“To do their jobs and be successful, a full MBA isn’t what most people in healthcare need. More physicians, nurses, and other clinicians are moving into leadership. There’s also the need for succession planning as older leaders retire. This means healthcare needs a practical approach to gaining real-world knowledge. With our Mini-MBA in Healthcare, we provide the skills and knowledge that will help healthcare professionals at any level of the leadership chain feel more competent and prepare them to compete on today’s complex and dynamic healthcare industry stage.”

University of Arizona

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Our Content

OpusVi™ and Eller Executive Education created this remarkable program with healthcare, business, and sports experts to meet the unique needs of today’s healthcare professionals. Our programs are designed for remote learning and offer an engaging online experience that allows you to learn and make connections with other learners on your schedule.

While our Mini-MBA in Healthcare is beneficial on its own, it’s also an excellent way to sample aspects of a full MBA degree before fully committing. You will gain foundational knowledge in economics, business strategy, operations, human resources, finances, and leadership that are able to stand on their own but will also be helpful to expand on, should you choose to enroll in a long-format program.

The cost of a two-year MBA program in the U.S. can be upwards of $100K. In contrast, our Mini-MBA in Healthcare offers an accelerated 12-week business program for the affordable price of $4,995. 

While a full MBA program will most likely not be specialized, the Mini-MBA in Healthcare is geared towards learners who want to learn more about the business of healthcare. It gives them foundational knowledge in economics, business strategy, operations, human resources, finances, and innovation in a healthcare-specific context that they can apply to their daily work straight away. 

Yes, in fact the Mini-MBA in Healthcare was specifically designed to give candidates foundational knowledge in business topics relating to healthcare. It’s also a great opportunity to formalize circumstantial knowledge which you have picked up along the way.

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Mini-MBA in Healthcare
Mini-MBA in Healthcare

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