Social Work Fellowship

A Social Work Fellowship Program Designed To Alleviate Workforce Challenges, Lower Barriers to Entry for Workers and Improve Health Equity Across the Country

A customized Social Work Fellowship program designed to support social workers as they grow in their careers, competence and confidence – ultimately leading to healthier, stronger and safer communities.


social work positions are projected to be required each year, on average, over the decade according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


of test takers from 2011 to 2021 passed the Clinical exam, according to the Association of Social Work Boards


Fill Learning Gaps

This program aims to fill the gaps between a Master’s in Social Work and Clinical Licensure.

Expand Knowledge

This program supports social workers who have little to no experience working in an acute care setting to expand their knowledge.

Build Strong Community

This program exposes social workers broadly to other clinical social workers and their experience through discussion forums and guest speakers.

Provide Continued Support

This program provides support for social workers who are working in facilities with limited resources.



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Program Outline

Our Social Work Fellowship platform provides a complete solution, allowing your social workforce to build skills and confidence faster while encouraging your leaders to identify problems earlier and intervene with real-time data. The data collected throughout the program provides unique visibility into a social worker's journey, allowing for each system to identify and analyze areas of opportunity.


Module 1

  • Who Am I As a Social Worker?
    • The social worker - self-awareness and use of self
Module 2
  • Who We Work With: Patients and Families
    • Who do we work with?
Module 3 - 5
  • The needs of our clients - assessment, diagnosis, and planning
    • What do our patients need?
Module 6
  • Social, Physical, and Cultural Environments
    • What is our patients’ context?
Module 7
  • How Do We Effectively Help Our Clients?
    • Are our interventions meeting the needs of clients?     
Module 8 - 11
  • Client Interventions - effective interventions with patients and groups (micro-mezzo-macro)
    • What do we do with our patients?
Module 12
  • The Social Worker Growing and Leading
    • Who am I, the social worker, going to be?


Each module is set up to cover a specific topic and include case-based simulations and discussions related to the module topic. Additionally, a lesson focused on Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ADEI) is included in each module.

Fellows will engage with their Clinical Supervisors who will assist with case-based work and support the Fellow with their Capstone Project throughout the year. Over the course of 40-60 hours, Fellows will choose a project of relevance to their context and interests that will demonstrate your motivation and capacity to make a definitive difference to care delivery, as well as contribute to your professional development. The completed projects will be presented to peers, and be evaluated by the facilitator.

Topics covered:

  • Interprofessional collaboration
  • Human growth and development (social work across the lifespan)
  • Assessment and diagnosis (including high-risk cases)
  • Trauma, abuse, neglect and trafficking
  • Psychotherapy and clinical interventions
  • Health care system - payment, language, key policies and historical context/expectations
  • Advocacy, policy and macro practice in healthcare
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging
  • Treatment modalities
  • Social Determinants of Health/Social needs


Your System Provides

  • Clinical Supervisors for each fellow
  • Module Facilitators
  • Program Sponsor / Director

OpusVi Provides

  • 12 months of online curriculum
  • LMS Platform and Support
  • Impact Dashboard
  • 1 month of clinical supervisor training related to the fellowship


Julie DeLoia, PhD

Julie DeLoia, PhD

Chief Academic Officer of OpusVi™

“We’re proud to leverage our custom workforce development solutions to support the CommonSpirit Health clinical social workers. By not only providing access to engaging and relevant content, but also creating opportunities for practical, clinical experience and peer-to-peer interaction, we’re opening the door for learners to expand their expertise outside of the needs of their current patient population. On a monthly basis, we also welcome Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to speak with learners to share firsthand knowledge and demonstrate the many career possibilities in this industry.”

Josh Brewster

Josh Brewster

System Director of Social Work and Vulnerable Populations at CommonSpirit Health

“Social workers are often only trained on how to address the specific needs of their local patient population, which greatly restricts their ability to learn larger concepts that not only are required knowledge for licensure exams, but also are integral to better meeting the needs of patients and families. Working with OpusVi™ to create this social work fellowship will greatly improve our health systems’ ability to enhance the care continuum, therefore improving patient outcomes and creating a stronger, larger social care workforce.”