Advancement League and OpusVi partner to bridge gaps in healthcare and education

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Healthcare and education are entering a new era 

The world has changed considerably over the past few years, and even more so over the past few months — the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated trends and completely shifted others, consumer expectations have never been higher, and employers in the health space have to meet existing employee expectations while catering to new and rapidly changing demands. While the full implications of the crisis are still on the horizon, it’s safe to say that we’re at a defining moment in history.

“Healthcare and education are two of the most important topics of our time because getting both of them right means longer, healthier, and more vibrant lives for all.” says Alex Maiersperger, Co-Founder of Advancement League. “However, currently, both can often be described as complex, expensive, and time-consuming. It’s critical that we improve the access, quality, experience, and affordability of both healthcare and education today.”


OpusVi and ADV are combining forces for maximal impact

To contribute towards these goals, OpusVi is now partnering with the Advancement League (ADV) to educate, equip, and motivate healthcare professionals to help them create a healthier future. 

The partnership will bring several advantages to both the OpusVi and ADV communities. As experts in making introductions and networking, as well as sharing best practices and ideas from a healthcare perspective, ADV will expand OpusVi’s network of healthcare subject matter experts to pass on knowledge to learners.

"A healthier future depends on real change in education and healthcare,” continues Antwan D. Williams, Co-Founder of ADV. “Inspired through education from peers, experts, and non-traditional teachers from outside industries, healthcare leaders of today will create the health systems needed tomorrow. We think healthcare will change more in the next 10 years than it has in the previous 30, and those learnings will need to be taught. We are so excited to partner with OpusVi to deliver the education needed for a healthier future."


Additionally, ADV members will receive a scholarship of 10% off on OpusVi offerings. As disruptors in their respective spaces, the partners are also exploring further non-traditional approaches to education such as credentialing to find new solutions to old problems — both those that have been identified and those that haven’t.

"Do current educational offerings get us ready for health equity and change or do they continue to offer us stability? Advancement League is partnering with OpusVi to drive truly meaningful change in education, whatever shape it will take,” says Antwan.


The partnership will launch with a free webinar

Starting their partnership by offering free learning resources to their communities, OpusVi and ADV will hold a live cast on December 2, 2020, at 04:00 p.m. EST.

The live cast, entitled “The Future of Health Meets the Future of Education” will explore topics such as the quickly changing landscape in education and healthcare, how educators can infuse healthcare with educational offerings that spur creativity, whether technology is the answer for healthcare education, and what healthcare employees can do to stand out in a globally competitive marketplace.

Speakers include Julie A. DeLoia, PhD, Chief Academic Officer at OpusVi; Kurt Hayes, Chief Learning Experience Officer at OpusVi; and Antwan D. Williams and Alex Maiersperger, Co-Founders of Advancement League.

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