OpusVi and Duke CE launch Healthcare Leadership Academy

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At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. hospitals were losing up to $50 billion a month. Recovery could take years, and many hospitals and related industries may not survive. How will healthcare organizations and their employees navigate through these unprecedented times? For a growing number of industry leaders, the answer is by investing in their most valuable asset: their people.

Recognizing the need to build leaders and provide the education, OpusVi has partnered with Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) to offer a one-of-a-kind Healthcare Leadership Academy. Duke CE is recognized as the premier global provider of leadership solutions, helping organizations and governments around the world to prepare their leaders and organizations for what’s next. In 2020, The Financial Times ranked Duke CE the No. 1 provider of custom education headquartered in North America.

Training health leaders through innovative online program offerings

“The healthcare industry and the people we serve need true leaders to guide them through the current turmoil,” says Kim Deese, MBA, AA, BSN, an instructor with OpusVi’s Leadership Academy and the System Director of International Nursing and Clinical Services for Dignity Health International. “We need those leaders now, and we can’t wait or afford costly programs that take years and don’t contain relevant information. The programs that OpusVi and Duke CE offer will quickly turn out the leaders we need for today and the future.”


Launching mid-October, the Duke CE Healthcare Leadership Academy provides key insights, education, and training to empower healthcare leaders to thrive in their roles. Programs include a Certificate in Healthcare Leadership and a Certificate in Nurse Leadership. The offerings are updated often to reflect the changing needs of today’s healthcare marketplace and its workforce, including nurses, physicians, administrators, IT professionals, executives and more.

Enhancing personal growth, increasing self-awareness and emotional intelligence, expanding strategic scope, and identifying talent

All programs are developed and taught by leading healthcare executives who understand what is needed to drive performance in today’s workplace. The engaging online programs incorporate the latest tools and techniques — such as multimedia content, social learning, and technologies — to deliver the most impactful learning experience. Modules include the fundamentals of leadership, as well as lessons on resilience, team building, conflict resolution, and diversity and inclusion. To provide real-world relevance, there are self-reflective exercises that prompt students to think about how learning content affects daily actions.

“Our innovative, interdisciplinary, and collaborative approach prepares healthcare professionals to define leadership for what’s next and build on Duke CE’s mission to accelerate leaders’ readiness for the new world,” says Andrew Malley, CEO of OpusVi. “Healthcare has experienced drastic changes. By offering customized, flexible, and agile education options we are empowering professionals to grow professionally and allow institutions to identify top talent.”


Leadership courses are 12–16 weeks with the next intake being in January of 2021. Courses are affordable and flexible payment options for organizations and individuals are offered.

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