OpusVi and Thunderbird Launch Certificate to Foster Innovation in Healthcare

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With advances in technology and improved diagnostic and therapeutic options, healthcare has experienced enormous leaps of innovation over the past several decades. The majority of this innovation has been focused on the development of new drugs, medical devices, diagnostic procedures, and therapies — now is the time to bring the delivery of healthcare services up to par. To solve this problem and nurture an innovative mindset in all sectors of healthcare, OpusVi has partnered with Arizona State University’s Thunderbird School of Global Management to co-create a Certificate in Innovation in Healthcare Management.

Quarterly intakes will commence on November 18, 2019. The eight-week course will empower healthcare industry professionals — from senior executives to aspiring managers — to facilitate effective environments and deliver results from new innovations. The curriculum benefits from the combined expertise of the No. 1 Most Innovative School in the U.S. (according to U.S. News & World Report) and Dignity Health, who are part of the largest not-for-profit healthcare provider in the U.S.

“We are in the unique position to deliver a customized program that can address current healthcare issues and provide access to thought leadership pieces from professionals in the field,” said Kurt Hayes, Chief Learning Experience Officer at OpusVi. “We are proud to present an engaging learning experience via video, case studies, and career-relevant tools, but we have gone beyond that — relevance to real-world challenges and opportunities were key in the development of the learning content.”

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For almost 75 years, Thunderbird School of Global Management has educated, empowered, and influenced interdisciplinary leaders who advance inclusive and sustainable prosperity worldwide. Now, more than ever, the world needs Thunderbird. As technological innovation develops at a pace never before seen, the world is struggling to come to grips with the dramatic impacts this is having on how we work and live. Society needs global leaders across all sectors who can help organizations seize the immense opportunities and manage the threats arising from the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Thunderbird is the vanguard of global leadership and management education for this new era.

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