Celebrating Our Pioneers: The Class of 2024 MBA in Healthcare Graduating Class

Congratulations to the Spring Graduating MBA in Healthcare Class of 2024!

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Congratulations to the Spring Graduating MBA in Healthcare Class of 2024!

The graduating Healthcare MBA Class of 2024 embodies excellence, ambition and diversity, with students from 45 different majors contributing to a unique and enriching learning environment. The members of this group reflect the diverse nature of the global business world and today's interconnected healthcare industry.

Tailored Healthcare Curriculum

OpusVi’s MBA in Healthcare program was created by healthcare, for healthcare. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) of this program are not just healthcare leaders but also active professionals within the industry and they have created an unmatched educational environment that connects theory with real-world applications, ensuring learners have the latest knowledge.

Nathan Saxton

Director of Facilities Operations at Northwest Healthcare Tucson

The class sessions are conversations with industry veterans, not lectures. Last night’s session will stay with me longer than a week of lectures ever could.

Ashok Subramanian

Dean at The William A. Franke College of Business (NAU)

Our collaboration with OpusVi sets the standard of excellence in public-private educational partnerships. The effectiveness of our strategy is predicated on building cutting-edge programs designed for industry verticals, rather than conventional functional business disciplines.   In OpusVi we have found a partner that shares our passion for creating and delivering high-impact learning experiences.  Every aspect of our program, beginning with the admission process, the execution of the curriculum, and continuous assessment of learning, is designed to deliver the highest value to our students.

Mahendra Joshi

Professor and Director of MBA programs at The William A. Franke College of Business (NAU)

Our high-quality, online Healthcare MBA program, developed in partnership with OpusVi, is uniquely tailored for healthcare professionals. Guided by world-class faculty and industry leaders you'll learn cutting-edge business concepts and will have the opportunity to apply them to various healthcare settings. With cohort-based learning, high-touch personalized support, and real-world applications, we ensure a high level of engagement. And we provide all of this at extremely affordable pricing, which makes this program an invaluable investment in your career.

Kurt Hayes

Chief Learning Officer at OpusVi

Our collective ambition between Northern Arizona University (NAU) and OpusVi was to develop an MBA program that stands as the pinnacle of relevance, application and currency, specifically crafted for the healthcare industry. To achieve this, we reimagined the curriculum creation approach, designing each course through a collaborative effort between active, seasoned leaders in healthcare, such as CFOs and CNOs, and the esteemed faculty of NAU.

Nathan Saxton

Empowering the Next Era of Healthcare Leaders

Our MBA in Healthcare program is tailored to cultivate leaders who are ready to navigate the complex landscapes of healthcare today and tomorrow. Through a rigorous curriculum designed with healthcare leaders and academic experts from NAU, our program prepares learners to tackle the most pressing challenges in healthcare management with innovative solutions and strategic leadership to create changes at an organizational level.

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